Jonathan Markiewitz is an author, award-winning independent film director, radio commercial scriptwriter, graphic artist, actor, and educator. He holds a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Education as well as being a licensed teacher for language arts instruction.

His work has appeared in Total Film Magazine, the New Mexico English Journal, Fan Films Quarterly, Star Wars Insider, and BrickJournal. Additionally, his work has been featured in books, on digital and print audiobook covers, on television, clothing, over the airwaves, in film, and across the web.

His breakout roles were in commercial parodies which he directed and produced and marketed across the web to television. In the online circuit, he is known for the independent graphic novel series Star Trek: The Animated Voyages, and for an internet LEGO® fan film from 2003, Batman: Revenge, an independent stop-motion animation which became a viral video.

He regularly teaches college courses focusing on academic and occupational success. With topics covering confidence, stress management, memory strategies, financial literacy, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, his classes prepare college students for all challenges known and unknown. Other work projects include film production, graphic design, acting, writing covering fiction and poetry, and script development for personal and commercial venues.

View Jon's recent cover art for audiobook adaptations of The Raven and The Cask of Amontillado here.

Read about some of Jon's LEGO and film work in an interview and feature in the BrickJournal Compendium, Volume 1, published by Joe Meno and available on Amazon.

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